Align With the Angelic Government of God

Voices: Anne Tate
Date Given: January 3, 2024

Anne Tate – When Chuck saw the angels that had come down that were set around the nation, we saw the beginning of a government of God, the government of the kingdom beginning to descend. And so today, the Lord is saying that I am beginning to stand up in kingdom and put my government in place, because the angelic is part of the government of God that comes out of heaven. It’s the third heaven government that is beginning to descend, and that is the expression of God that we are entering into. He is gonna blow his winds and things are going to change. And as they change, Lord Sabaoth came to the children of Israel when they were going into their promised land. He has sent Lord Sabaoth and his angelic government to agree. They are on their side, they’re on the side of God. We align or we do not. That is our choice. And right now, we are confessing, we are singing, we are prophesying our alignment with that government in the portion that we have received. I’ve never seen another country have that government come down in this age, in this time, in this dispensation. It is a new era that we are entering into. And as his government comes down and begin, and we begin to align, the remnant begins to stand up. Those who are aligned with him, those who are looking for their function in the whole thing that he is bringing forth, not the function they have decided they’re going to get into, but the function that he has authored from the beginning of time. There’ll be great shiftings inside your life, inside of the things that we are all doing. There’ll be great shiftings for that army to stand in the array that he has prophesied that will come in this season. So Lord, we stand in the government that you’ve called for. We agree, no matter what it costs us to shift, no matter what it takes for us to manifest what you’re saying in this season, we are having new ears put on today. The ears of our heart are being awakened and will decree what he says, and only what he says.

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