An Anti-Christ Spirit Is Breaking off the First Nations People

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jennifer Gomez
Date Given: May 31, 2020

Jennifer Gomez – The last gift that we want to give to you is a pair of sticks for stickball. The Choctaw play a game of stickball and its little brother of war. And what they used it for was to settle disputes. And the ball, show the ball. It’s a little ball and you’re trying to hit, you pick these up, and throw it and hit poles, hit the poles. And the reason I feel like we’re giving you these gifts Chuck, is because when you came, you prayed, and you said that mysticals, and the First Nations people will be unlocked. And here’s the truth, when we left, when the Choctaw left, when the dancing rabbit treaty, we didn’t know, at some point, we lost our identity. So we don’t know how to get to that mystical era. And then another thing too, and we’ve repented on this, but Chuck knows we were slave owners. We came in agreement with the antichrist spirit. And so, we’re also just declaring that that is broken today in the name of Jesus. The First Nation’s people do not come in agreement with antichrist spirit and we said let our people go. Let the black community, the African-America community go. It’s broken off of them. And it’s not gonna, the First Nations will not come in agreement with that ever again.

Chuck Pierce – All racism, no matter where it comes from worldwide is linked with anti-Semitism. That was where racism gained its ground. Father, we break the power of this, and even our First people came into alignment with slavery. Father, remove that root. From this land. Father, you declared a modern day Passover. You declared it and even when, back then Lord, your people wouldn’t let slavery come out of them. We say let slavery come out of us. Father remove us. Remove it, remove it, remove it, Lord, remove it.

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