An Increase of Strength to Dance in the River

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 24, 2021

Keith Pierce – This morning at 3:45, I woke up, and I thought, “Why would You have me wake up this early?” And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “I want to show you something.” And I let the dogs out to potty, and I come back in, and I kept my house completely quiet. And I close my eyes and I saw Valerie and Celestine’s legs and feet doing the exact dance that the chimney sweeps on Mary Poppins did. And I said, “Lord, what are You showing me?” And He said, “I must change the rhythm of your feet.” He said, “If you’re not dancing, today is the day I am changing the rhythm of your feet because I’m changing the flow of the river.” And He said, “There is a river dance that you have always gotten close to, but yet, you have always been afraid of because you thought you were not equipped to do it.” And He said, “I want you to anoint those two that their feet start moving, their leg muscles increase because they’re going to jump to new levels and they’re going to meet many at the side of the mountain. The river is full, but the course is changing upwards.” And that is a supernatural occurrence to Me, for water to flow up instead of flowing down. Get in My timing and see clearly

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