An Innovative and Creative Wealth Anointing

Voices: Cindy Jacobs
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Cindy Jacobs – The other word, and let me prophesy this over this house, this is what the Lord showed me, Chuck, and over you personally, the Lord says, “This is a year of multiplication for you.” The Lord says, “This is a year I’m going to give you such favor, the enemy has come in like a flood, but God says you will not be diminished. You will not be diminished in any wise,” and the Lord says, “because you are a pathfinder for others.” And so the Lord says to you, “Get ready. I’m gonna give you favor, not only with this area, but the city of Dallas,” and the Lord says, “You’re gonna be in the news. I’m gonna make you in the news in a good way and Glory of Zion,” and the Lord says, “You will be known as a city and a place of innovation,” says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “I’m releasing that innovative creative anointing and it’s gonna extend not only to the arts, but to finance.” And the Lord says, whoa, whoa, there’s something, oh, Chuck, there’s something on it. “You are gonna be part of the technology revolution,” says the Lord. “And I am gonna bring those around you that are economic reformers and they’re gonna understand cryptocurrency and blockchain and the metaverse,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “Watch and see what I am gonna do, for there is great wealth I’m getting ready to unlock and you are gonna understand it.” And the Lord says, “Call those around you,” says the Lord, “For even in this house there are those who I am anointing for this new way of financial currency, whom I’m anointing for this new wave of understanding of buying and selling.”

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