An Open Door of Inheritance Is Before You

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: October 1, 2023

Barbara Wentroble – From the time that I stepped into the service this morning I kept seeing a picture of Jacob when he came to Bethel. And I sensed the spirit of the Lord saying that “that’s where we are at this time.” He didn’t plan to be there. He didn’t strive to be there. He just happened to be there. You just happened to be here this morning. Those of you watching by web you just happened to turn it on today. And it was in that place where he was no longer striving to make something happen. But in that moment God opened up the heavens and we see it was like a ladder from Heaven and the angels ascending and descending. And God wants you to know that this morning you just happened to be here in this moment. It’s a moment that you didn’t strive for it, you didn’t work for it, you just came in and relaxed in the presence of the Lord. And God said, “because I broke the power of striving off you and caused you to enter into my presence. I have now opened the windows of Heaven. And I say, there are angelic beings that have come to assist you in this season. No longer just by your own work, not by your own power, but by the spirit of the Lord.” And God wants you to know that those angelic beings have come along in this season. Because you see, Jacob had a destiny in front of him. He had an inheritance in front of him. And none of his striving, none of his working was going to bring it into his possession. God said, “I have an inheritance for you. I have a destiny and a future for you. And I say in your laying down the striving and the working and letting come by the wind of my spirit. I say, I’m opening the windows of Heaven and I’m bringing down your inheritance. I’m bringing down your destiny. I’m bringing down your future. For I have a future and a hope for you,” says the Lord. “I’m bringing you into a new place.” So the Lord would say to you “I have closed the door to your past and now an open door to Heaven is set before you, enjoy the blessings of the Lord that I’m releasing into you. This is your moment of change,” says the Lord.

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