Ancient Angels are Releasing Blueprints

Voices: Janice Swinney, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: January 13, 2020

Janice Swinney – The Lord told me two days ago that the body of Christ would come into that revelation of truly how to bind and loose and he had shown me this picture for the enemy had been surrounding us. He said this is the way it should look. The enemy was in the center and the church was was marching around him. He said you can bind him up, you can bind him up, release your faith to bind and loose what I have called for.

Tobias Lyons – I’ve seen angels being dispatched territorially and I asked the Lord what they were and he said that they’re the ancient ones and they’re holding blueprints and they have been waiting for centuries to have agreement with the territory that they had been established and placed over. So Father right now, we do come into agreement. Father, saying that there is revelation coming to a corporate body. Father that would loose and that would bind that which it comes from truth. Father that which was spoken from the foundations of the world. Father the very identity of the lands, the very identity of the earth, of the ground and of the people that you have called to be on those lands. Father and we say that as the decrees go forth into the atmosphere, Lord that the ancient ones that you have placed there to warn and to assist on behalf of your kingdom land, Father are activated to move.

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