Angelic Portals are Being Established

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady
Date Given: April 26, 2020

Marty Cassady – Ever since Passover, I don’t even know if I can share this. Heaven is so close, heaven is so very close, it’s as if its Passover, and the recognition of the power of the blood of Jesus has somehow filtrated through us and through the earth and it’s like as we worship, heaven comes down and it’s almost like you can reach up and touch it. And the Lord is saying, that many of you feel that you can’t establish a portal for the angelic to ascend and descend.

That is a lie from the pit of hell. You the blood bought child of God have the authority in your home, in your atmosphere, in your business to establish the atmosphere of heaven, because heaven is so close right now and as I’ve been looking at this, I see where, Jesus knew how to partner with the angelic, and He knew how to partner in a way, because He always listened to what His father was saying to do. And at every step, every step He took, He was partnering with the angelic, we can do the same thing, because we have Holy Spirit, to tell us which way to go, who to speak to, what to do.

I want to encourage you that the Lord is handing out an authority to establish portals in your homes, portals that allow the angelic to ascend and descend, that allow Holy Spirit to begin to speak with the power of the force of heaven and the Lord says this is for each of us. Receive it today.

Chuck Pierce – Reach your hand up wherever you are, decree a new opening. There’s someone watching from China, I see actually two different cities in China. I see their name in Chinese and the Lord says I’m opening up a new portal over you, is going to penetrate down and cause the church to rise up. In German, I see the churches rising up in a new way. My people my remnant, I see it in California, I say let a portal come in Houston.

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