Angles of Understanding, Strength, and Word Are Being Released

Voices: Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Tobias Lyons- In Daniel 10 when Daniel’s having the encounter with the Prince of Persia and the angel that’s coming. There’s three distinct actions that the angel does. One is he brings understanding. The second is that he allows Daniel the ability to speak forth. And the third is that he brings strength. So, all day I’ve been meditating on the three Legions of Angels that are linked with those three actions. So Father, tonight and today, as we start it Lord, we come into agreement that the Legion of Angels that bring understanding is being released. The Legion of Angels that brings strength is being released and the Legion of Angels that allows a new word to come up in understanding and strength is being released.

Marty Cassady – That word understanding between chapters eight and 12 is mentioned 10 times. Understanding, Gabriel says, “I’m here so that you can understand.” it’s said over and over. And it actually means to separate, mentally to separate, mentally. And I know that because, Daniel was so involved with the supernatural and the angelic, the Lord is saying that he is giving us an opportunity to understand the supernatural, in ways we have never understood before. And he says, “I’m sending a breaker!” A breaker! A breaker! A breaker!

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