Anticipate Recovery and Breakthrough

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 9, 2022

Brian Kooiman – Chuck is webcasting from Alabama and he shares, “I hear the Lord saying, ‘Anticipate recovery and breakthrough. We need to allow our emotions to go through the recovery and not rush. So we see the breakthrough blessings that are on the horizon for each one of us. We’re moving from winter dormancy toward the budding strength of spring.'” I just want you to pause just as we worship, just raise your hands one more time in that. We are not rushing the Lord’s healing work. We are not moving past what He’s depositing in each of our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our relationships. He is preparing us for a breaking forth. He’s preparing us for a budding, a blossoming. Let His water go deep in you. Allow Holy Spirit liberty to touch, to saturate, to awaken.

LeAnn Squier – Yesterday, there was such an oppressive atmosphere in the earth, and I just felt like a little seed in the ground, buried deep in the ground. So deep in the ground. And I was like, “Lord, what is this?” It was all the pressure of all the soil and all the burden of everything pressing down, pressing down, pressing down. But He said, “You’re just a little seed and you’re about to bloom again.” And I saw a little green shoot coming out the side, coming out, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing through, pushing through, pushing towards the sun. I was pushing towards the sun. I was pushing towards the One. The One that I worship. The One that I love. The One I adore. So we’re just little seeds. We’re pushing through. We’re pushing through in this season to bloom again, to bloom again. Pushing toward the sun. Pushing toward the One. Toward the One who has the life, who has the life, who has the light, who has the sun, who has the radiance. Pushing through, so don’t despair. Don’t despair. You’re gonna bloom again.

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