Ascend Out of the Thicket

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 23, 2022

LeAnn Squier – I’m just seeing a picture over and over again This morning, somebody has been caught in the thicket of curses in your life, your family curses, ancestral, your personal, things that you’ve been caught. And it’s like, you’re hung up in the earth realm. And you feel like you have been disqualified. You feel like you cannot get beyond it, but I’m telling you, the Lord is just saying, if you’ll just stop, and if you’ll just repent to Him, and just vocalize that to Him, let Him lift you up out of the thorns and the thicket that you’re hung up in. And Lord said, He’s going to take you, and He’s going to set your feet on a high place. He’s gonna restore to you the joy of your salvation. He’s going to restore a crown on your head. He’s gonna restore your inheritance back to you. The Lord said, don’t stay in that lower level. Come back to Him, trust Him to wash, to cleanse. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. The blood of Jesus is enough. It’s enough. It’s enough. It’s enough. It’s forever enough. It just doesn’t matter. It’s enough.

Chuck Pierce – I used to clean right-of-ways, and there’d be, sometimes you would get in places that hadn’t been cleared out in a long time, and you could easily lose your bearing, and you didn’t try to look down and find your way through it. You had to get a point way up high somewhere before you ever started walking and going through those thickets. You had to say, “Wait, now I see that point there. And that’s what I’m gonna press through. Whatever I have to go through to get there. Whatever I have to go through to get there.” And you have to stop and get your bearings. Stop and get your bearings. The enemy will try to tangle you. And in the midst of a briar patch, you don’t just start fighting your way through. You one by one, cut those briars. And all of a sudden, you’re gonna find yourself coming into a greater clearing, and a greater clearing. And before long, you’re gonna say, “I see how to get there.” Shout, “I see how to get there.”

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