Ascend, Unseal, and Catch My Explosive Love to Move You Forward!

Voices: Anne Tate, Brian Kooiman, Carrie Hansher, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: April 18, 2021

Brian Kooiman

(speaking in tongues)

Anne Tate –

“The Lord says that you who have been standing behind doors waiting for them to open. Where the wind has not come. The Lord says, “My wind is blowing against prejudice today.” And He is going to blow the doors open so that you come through with favor and great joy upon your head.”

Kieth Pierce –

“You know, the Lord spoke to me and I want everybody put your hands on your eyes. This is what he spoke. He said “today, it is a must that you understand and see and know the strategy and assignment of the evil one. Today is the day before you go to war. I want you to see and see differently what is locked before you. I want you to look at the hands and that I have placed on your eyes and know that my sword of truth is his lightening you to overthrow what is standing in front of you. Be wise and be sober, but be diligent too. Receive my strategy and truth that you may overthrow the assignment of the enemy because I have come to enlighten you with a new strategy of a pathway to enter in and move forward these next several days in my Holy name.”

Kerry Hansher –

“I just heard the Lord say that today is ascension day and I heard in the tongue ascend, ascend, ascend, and today is the day that if we partner with Holy Spirit he’s going to cause us to come up above our enemy. We’re going to begin to see that, take them out at the feet, to cut off their heads. We today, are ascending with the Lord and descending in victory.”

Linda Heidler –

” In that tongue I heard the Lord say “I’m releasing an explosion of love today. There’s an explosion of my love that’s going to push you through that door. There’s an explosion of love, that’s going to empower you as you pick up that sword against the enemy an explosion of my love is going to catapult you up to a place of ascension and a place of perspective that you’ve never had. Don’t resist! Don’t resist an explosion of my love!

Chuck Pierce –

“Now some of you have questioned when someone gives a tongues message, tongues are not translated, they’re interpreted. So all of a sudden your spirit starts to move and you’re going to get a clear word. That’s coming up through the body and through the spirit – it’s not a translation. So notice what’s coming through this tongue. You will ascend and what’s been locked and sealed will be unsealed. You will gain the strategy to go through. You will gain that explosive faith you need, catch it now and go through into your new.”

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