Awakening Can Come To America

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 21, 2024

Chuck Pierce – The Lord said to me this morning, awakening can come to this nation. Awakening can come to this nation. Do not get so caught in the political structure that you miss the awakening that God’s bringing. The Lord said, “I can awaken this land. I can awaken my people. I can cause my kingdom tribe to rise up and rule in every place there needs to be a rule.” And the Lord said, “It is me who decides who goes in and out of leadership.” That was in Proverbs this morning. And the Lord says, “I have reasons I have done what I have done in this land, and you watch me take my hand and rearrange what needs to start being rearranged.” The Lord says, “Do not get caught up with a political spirit that would cause your eyes to miss the moving of my Spirit,” said the Lord.

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