Be Content Amid the Fight

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley, Raven Vincent
Date Given: May 21, 2023

LeAnn Squier – That part where it says, “And I will be content in every circumstance.” You know, sometimes that’s not exactly accurate. We’re like grumbling through circumstances, and I have found myself in some difficult places. And I’m just like, “Lord, now, really? Can we not get this shifted, or whatever.” But what I have begun to see and what I just saw the Lord show me, was that He was sending me into a boxing ring. Round after round I walked over to the ropes and He was tightening my gloves and He put the thing in my mouth, the mouth guard. And was sending me back out to fight again until I got the knockout punch. And I just want you to say, He is only allowing you to go back in because He wants you to get the final victory. So, be content with your training. Be content as you keep going in. You’re going to win. And they were the biggest red boxing gloves. They were big, they were red. You know, that’s the blood of Jesus. I’m telling you, a one-two punch. Lord, we just declare it. A new level of victory. A new understanding. A new place of contentment in the Lord. And we thank you God. We thank you for the knockout punch.

Chuck Pierce – Now this is really key right now. We want this anointing. Remember what Violet said? See, Pam had the right exact decree. See, one word will fail Him. I decree right now that word stirring in each one of us all of you on the web, the one word don’t talk so much, hear the one word and loose it.

Raven Vincent – I heard the Lord say, remembrance is your weapon Remembrance is your weapon. As we’re going into this season as we’re going into this month remembrance will be our weapon reminding ourselves of who He is reminding ourself, this whole song is reminding us of who God is and who He says we are. If He dresses the lilies and beauty and splendor how much more, how much more will He clothe us? If He watches over every sparrow how much more does He love us? May we remember where we remind ourselves. May it be a practice every morning. This is who He is, this is who we are. And if you have to stir up your spirit the way that David had to stir up his spirit and remind himself and remind his spirit and his soul of who God is, if we have to save the Psalms over and over every morning do it because that is the weapon that God has given us is remembrance and thanksgiving. So Lord, we say, we remember you this morning we remember you every morning, this month, this year. You are who you say you are. And we are who you say we are.

Michelle Hadley – There was something with LeAnn said train God is training her. When you are, your muscles have muscle memory. And as you prepare those muscles just like Raven said, it has memory. We remember what God did, we remember the victories, we remember the defeats too, which helps us step on it and step over it and move on to the victory. So remember that your muscle your spiritual muscles have memory, your natural muscles and your spiritual muscles have memory. So keep building on it. Keep allowing the Lord to train us. Keep allowing the Lord to just take us into those dark places and let Him remove, let him peek into those crevices that you don’t want nobody to know about. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking to somebody. There are places in you that you have thought was hidden for a long time. God says, I’m putting my finger on that thing this week. And what I want you to do is I want you to allow me I’m asking you permission to take that thing from you and cast it into the sea of forgetfulness.

Amber Pierce – Amen. As Michelle is saying that she’s talking about our muscle memory. What I was reminded of is you know when we are in Jerusalem and you first get there you’re just exhausted from normal things. Like at the end of the day, and I remember when we first moved here, I thought, God, why am I so exhausted? I only got like two things done. And they would say, people there say well your spirit is working so hard while you’re here. Your spirit is navigating through all the other spirits and all the things that are going on in Jerusalem. So you’re tired but then eventually your spirit, it gains strength. Your spirit can gain stamina just as well as your physical body can gain stamina. So right now I decree over you a new stamina in your spirit, a strength in your spirit, a growth in your spirit in the name of Jesus.

Chuck Pierce – Your DNA has a memory. That is why it’s so difficult for some people to lose weight. Cause once your weight gets to a certain level, it’s coded within you. Therefore you’re going to have to war to get that back to where your body was meant to be. Once you do that, you’re going to realize that it’s always fighting to get back there. And what it’s going to use is the trauma that made you eat to get there before. Lord, I decree right now that trauma that we remember that causes us to fight back and causes us to not want to really change the way we should. Father, I break the power of that memory within us and I say we will remember You and how You can empower us to become a son and daughter of the Lord.

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