Be Positioned in the Light and Love of My Holiness

Voices: Keevy Phillips, Kerry Hansher
Date Given: May 21, 2023

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says to you that from this day forward, you’ll see a difference between holy and unholy. And the Lord says, I will begin to show My people as light like never before. Allow me to position you the way I need to because from this day forward, you will see the unholy inside of you different from the holy that I’ve placed inside of you. I am calling My people to be set apart in a new way this Pentecost says the spirit of the Lord.

Kerry Hansher – So I hear the Lord saying that He’s putting our finger on the places inside of us that we believe are unlovable. And it’s creating fear because many of us have been punished for doing something that was incorrect or that was correct. But what He wants His people to know in this hour is that when He puts His finger on places that feel unlovable, it’s because He wants us to look higher to see what He sees because He sees us in our redemptive state. So Father, we just thank you that when You look at us, You look through eyes of pure love, through holiness. You see who you intended us to be. And so when You do that correcting, when you reset our course it’s because we are lovable through and through.

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