Become My Ways and Means Committee

Voices: Chuck Pierce, John Dickson
Date Given: January 1, 2023

John Dickson – I have highways, up here, I have ways to go faster than you can on earth. Remember the highways that I have built in the high places? Come up here, breathe the air and get on the highways to take you to your destination quickly, quickly in this season.

Chuck Pierce – For I say to you, in days past many other spiritual forces occupied your ways and your means, but I say now, I’m giving you the high places, I’m taking you up, and the roads that were once occupied, and blocked, and controlled, that would not yield to your passage. I say, you’re coming up and you are taking the toll roads of my kingdom, and you are going to allow many to come through. So I say get ready, you are taking back ways, and taking back means that were occupied in the last three years, rise up and be my ways, ways and means committee and press through for many to come.

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