Become Resilient This Hour

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: March 13, 2022

LeAnn Squier – I just keep hearing the Lord saying this morning, resiliency is a word for this hour, resiliency. The Lord says you need to be able to flex, to move, to bend, to shift, to move over into a new state of mind and a new paradigm. You need to be able to be it hot, be it cold, have you plenty, have you little, you need to be able to be resilient in this hour. Faith has a resiliency to it. It flexes, it bends, it reaches, it extends. So the Lord was just saying this morning, don’t be too rigid, don’t be too stuck in your ways. Don’t be too stoic and immovable. But move, move, move, bend, flex, flex!

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