Black Voices Will Liberate This Land

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent
Date Given: September 6, 2020

James Vincent – In the dream, there was somebody sent from within a system or he took on the mission from within a system to go find other people who were like him, so that, to set them free from the system. And the whole thing. And the whole point, the whole point of it was that the system was trying to pigeonhole people. And they were trying to make them fit one thing. And the thing that was special about these people that he was looking for, is that these were people who were meant to be involved in many things. But they were trying to make them believe, you know the same thing we always hear in our age. That, you know, if you wanna be successful, you gotta hone in on that one thing. It makes a lot of sense. It sounds right. But there are people who were not created to operate that way. And so this is what was happening in the dream. And so suddenly they found all these people and they went to this place that was… Even though it looked like the boundary was physically small but it was still a broad place for these people. And I just say today that the Lord is saying that you are no longer pigeonholed to what the system has tried to make you believe. In the name of Jesus, in everything that Chuck is saying right now. It’s like, what’s coming out of you Chuck. It’s words of liberty. What’s coming out of you is words of power. What’s coming out of you are words that are meant to go out and break the chains off of people. And I want you to hear. And I want you to receive. Hear the sound. Hear the sound. Receive the power of His words. Today is the day of liberty. Today is the day of freedom. You’re not just a trickle. You’re not just a stream. You are an ocean. You are an ocean. You are an ocean. You are a sea. You are a vast body of water. And everything that the Lord has put in you to be, you will be. You will be. You will be. According to His will, you will be. According to His creation, you will be. You will be. You are free. You will be. You are free.

Chuck Pierce – Five years ago I said, “In the year 2020, the black person’s voice must come to the forefront.” That’s not black lives matter. That is the black voice. ‘Cause black lives matter has a political structure behind it. That would even put black people back into captivity again. This is what we’re looking for. New voices through black… Through a black blood that runs in a black people that will liberate us. And bring us out of every kind of slavery that they have come out from under. I decree right now. Hell tried to hit James’ voice the last two weeks. I speak to you and I say, you will not control or stop that voice. Hell I’ll tell you right now. The voice of the black men and women of this land will liberate this land. Let’s give a shout.

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