Break Agreement With Church Brain

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Keevy Phillips – When I was on the stage, I heard the Lord say really loud in my ear, “Break agreement with church brain. Break agreement with church brain for you have come in agreement with a Sadducee and Pharisaical spirit that does not allow me-”

Chuck Pierce – Church brain.

Keevy Phillips – “To move the way I want to move. You have agreed with a church brain mentality and you have waited on one person to do all the work for you.” And the Lord says, “Break agreement with church brain ’cause I am moving by My spirit this hour. And if you do not break agreement with church brain you will smell the stench of death, like Jane said in her dream. Break agreement with church brain and get into My spirit,” says the Lord.

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