Break Into My Freedom to Multiply

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: May 1, 2022

Keith Pierce – You know, I was visiting with Chuck yesterday Last week, I had this very, very large commercial deal that I was closing. And so when you looked at the file, the file should have been one of the most easiest ones I’d ever closed. And so all of the sudden, as we get into it, it gets worse and worse and worse. The interest rates for the owners of this apartment complex was at a all time low and if we missed closing it on Thursday, the interest rate for them would’ve went up probably right about 4% on $32 million. So you can, you can do the math, but as we got into it, there was this one person who represented the lender and had laid out a certain strategy for the lender and certain requirements for us to have to follow. No matter how much we did, he would change the requirements. And no matter how much he did, he was adamant that it had to be done this way. And so we asked for proof. He sent us proof and all the proof was from files that had been done in different states like Colorado and Pennsylvania and Tennessee, but did not have what’s done with Texas law.

So finally at Wednesday at 10 to 5, the deal probably had maybe 30 seconds of life in it and the young lady who I worked with on it, she said, “But who is this guy?” And I said, “I have no idea. I’ve never dealt with anyone from this particular firm and I deal with this firm often, like this guy.” So she Googled him online and when he come up online, the things that he had told us, he did not have the authority to tell us. The thing that he was requiring, he did not have the authority to require. The thing that he was representing, now, this is the point that I want you to get, he was representing Freddy Mac, who was doing the loan. He had taken their delegated authority and was doing everything he could do to keep us from closing this loan so this customer could get this low interest rate. And all the sudden, everything began to unravel right at the last minute. No, and I’m talking the last second of the last minute before the deadline and the lock had expired. And so we called our particular attorney that was handling out of Dallas and that gentleman called and confronted and addressed him and all of a sudden everything realigned and we were able to close it and it funded, et cetera. I’m excited about that cause I love taking care of my customers. That’s not the issue. The issue is we have stood in positions and warred with the enemy over and over again, accepting that what the enemy is saying is true when the enemy is a liar and comes to kill, steal, and destroy. There is come a time and today’s the day. I want everybody to stand up. Today is the day.

Chuck Pierce – Hear this.

Keith Pierce – Today is a day that the Lord is anointing you You, us, but He’s anointing you first.

Chuck Pierce – All you on the web hear this.

Keith Pierce – Here’s the deal

Chuck Pierce – The Word from God.

Keith Pierce – If you cannot receive His anointing to be wise as that serpent. Listen to me, to expose the prelaid plans of the enemy, now here’s the deal that I really want you to see, the key to this. It would’ve cost them if Stephanie and I had missed the mark and had backed up before the last 30 seconds of this lock. It would’ve cost them $12 million. I want you to see the cost on the other side that the enemy has set a siege to rob from you, kill you, destroy you, but keep you from His glory. Keep you from His presence. Keep you from His increase. Keep you, keep you. Today is the day I say, “Receive the anointing that you can be wise as a serpent and do not be fearful of being wise as a serpent.” He tells us to, to overthrow the enemy, individually, corporately because here’s the thing I wanna leave with you. One has the power to put a thousand to fight. Two has the power to put 10,000 to fight. That’s Stephanie and I, but we couldn’t move to the tenth of the power till we found the source and called in one more person. God stands today with us to say, “I’m not doubling you. I’m moving you by the tenth of the power to overthrow the enemy’s prelaid plan with the three fold cord I’ve designed.” Lift up a shout.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “Shout. Shout.” The Lord says, “I am calling in. I am going to quicken in you and I’m gonna show you help on your path.” What he just described is how pharisee-ism, legalism, and religion works puts all those regulations, puts all of those boundaries on you when God’s not saying one word of it. The Lord says, “Break in to My freedom to multiply.”

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