Break Off the Strategy of Passivity

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Robyn Vincent – And Chuck, the thing that I keep hearing the Lord say in this moment that we’re in today is that He’s breaking off passivity. He’s breaking off complacency. He’s really bringing us into a new mind. And the Lord is saying to me, just this week I’m gonna share this. Just this week I was praying for someone and I begin to say to the Lord, I said, “Lord, just change their mind.” I said, “Lord, let them see what they need to see.”

And He said, “No, you change it.” He said, “You change it.” I said, “Lord, change their heart, so that they’ll know what they’re dealing with.” I said, “Reveal the truth to them.” He said, “No, you reveal it.” He said, “You reveal the truth to them.” He said, “Because it’s time for my body to become a doer of the word.” He said, “No longer can you just say that you’re believing the word and not be a doer of the word.” The Lord is really challenging us today and saying, “If you believe it, then express it.” There is a scripture, I think it’s in Romans that says, “I believe therefore I speak.” “I believe therefore I release.” “I believe therefore I express.” And so the Lord is saying, in this hour right now, we have sang the song over and over. “I believe, I believe. I believe, I believe.” But the Lord says, “It is time for you to become a doer of that what you believe.”

Keith Pierce- You know, I want to share something real quick I was watching the basketball games and Purdue, which was number one seed got beat by FDU, which was number 16. And I was sitting there and I was watching it, and the coaches and the newscasters started sharing. And the coach for Purdue said, “We were number one therefore we didn’t have to change our strategy.”

Chuck Pierce – You better hear this. You better hear it.

Keith Pierce – And I went, “What?” And I stopped my TV and I stood up and I rewound it. And I was getting closer to the TV because I could feel the presence of God fill my living room. And the newscasters has said, “They need to change their strategy.” “They need to change their strategy.” He said, “When you’re number one, and I’m not taking anything away from the number 16 seed, we believe we didn’t have to change our strategy. We believe that the opponent would align with our strategy instead of us having to change his.”

Chuck Pierce – That ain’t how it’s gonna work people.

Keith Pierce- And I stood in there and this in my living room and I want everybody to do something. I want you to put your hand on your head first. And I want you to say, “Our mind is an enmity to him.” Then I want you to put the other hand on the heart. And God tells us not to trust it because the days of our heart is wicked. So we have spent our time trusting this mindset, trusting this heart function and missing out on the spirit. He says, “Our spirit is one with Him.” If we don’t allow Him to change our strategy and remove the pride, the arrogance out of his body so they can become the vessel that He has called them to be. We can’t see the Victor’s Cup. We can’t see the finishing of the line.

You gotta get outside when you believe and I want to say this, I would hate to think I was that right and be that wrong. And could not shift, could not make a shift and refuse to make a shift. But I was so naive that I thought the opponent or the enemy so to speak, would align with me. When we don’t realize how subtle, how he comes to kill, steal, and destroy and yet our strategy, we don’t have to change. I want everybody to put their hand back on their head and say, “In the name of Jesus, I’m ready for a change.” “In the name of Jesus, I’m ready for Holy Spirit!” “In the name of Jesus, let Him lead me, guide me into all truths and understanding and let my faith activate to follow in Jesus’ name.” Lift up a shout.

Chuck Pierce – Yes!

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