Breaking a God Robbing Spirit

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Joan Swallow
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Joan Swallow – You know this, covert thing? Whatever they’re calling it. Wearing the mask and everything. Some of you people, don’t get mad at me, you get mad at God. You didn’t pay your tithes. You didn’t sow into the ministry. I mean, God’s not a liar. And He told me, to tell you whether you like it or not, you owe, Him, money. Some of you, you locked yourself in. You said, oh, I don’t want this. I don’t want this disease. I don’t want anything to happen to me. I don’t want anything… I’m not gonna go to the grocery store. I’m not gonna to do this. You forgot about God. Who’s your maker? Who’s your creator?

You didn’t pay your tithes. One 10th belongs to God. Offerings. Seed. Alms. That man that’s on the street, that’s asking for alms. You can get blessed. You won’t get much, but you’ll get blessed, because you gave him a quarter, you gave him a dollar. But when you don’t give, you don’t give to further the kingdom of God. You’ve got to further the kingdom of God, not man’s kingdom, but God’s kingdom. And when you come to the house of God, when you come to worship, you come to sow into the kingdom of God, to further His kingdom.

Cindy Jacobs – Well let me ask you all a question, okay? Now there may be some watching online, but if you’re behind in your tithe, I’ll tell you a little story. Thank you Joan, dear. If you’re behind on your tithe, it reminds me of a story, the great missionary statements, Wayne Meyers. He was in Mexico, and he had a mentor that was in the car with him. They were driving through a very dangerous part of Mexico. And the Lord gave him a word of knowledge, that this guy he’d been mentoring was not paying their… was, not paying his tithe and he said, “Stop the car! Stop the car!” And he stopped the car and he said, “Get out of my car!” And he said, “What?” He said, “Get out of my car!” He said, “But pastor we are in a very dangerous area!” He says, “Look, I know I don’t want them to kill me, but kid you’re robbing God.” “So you get out of my car right now!” “You can’t rob God and get away with it.” Now I wanna say to you, God is a merciful God. But if that’s you, get up here, we’re gonna pray for mercy for you; and we’re gonna pray that God will give you the money.

Chuck Pierce – Now, while standing up here, God has mercy. As a father, I teach my kids. My kids could have never made it through without giving their way through. Even in all their messes, they gave their way through it. I’m going to give your first tithe. I’m gonna write a check, for however many’s are up here, times what you probably make, monthly. And I’m going to write that check from Pam and I, and it’s gonna break some curse off of you. And then, if you get… You see I… I give beyond tithe, but I give first fruits. This is a first fruit gathering. Whatever you get from this day forward, you give the best of it to the Lord. That might be a dollar. There’s no rules on it. It might be $5. Might be $50,000. I’ve had to do it all. Give my house, my first house, because God… I was so determined, for God to restore my family bloodline. I say right now, your restoration begins, in Jesus name.

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