Bring Your Weapon of Light to the Table

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: February 5, 2023

Susan Shaulis – I hear the Lord say that we are light sabers of the dawn. And He says, as you pull out your light saber, you are gonna begin to see the cracking of the darkness that has tried to hold the dawn in captivity. But He says, no darkness can hold the light. So watch for the time. There’s going to be a shrill sound like the cock crowing three times, at 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00, and you’ll begin to pull that saber out, and you’ll begin to watch the diminishing of that what thought it would hold captivity captive.

Lisa Lyons – And I hear the Lord saying I have a word to my light bearers. He said, there are two dimensions to the table that you’ve heard Me speak of. One is the table of banqueting that I’m calling you to, but the Lord says there’s another table. And I’ve swept My arm across it to clear it off of old religious structures, old thoughts, old paradigms. And this is a table I am calling you to. The Lord says, I’m seated here, and I’m saying, what are you bringing to the table? What are you bringing to the table? This is the time to bring your gifts and to bring the callings. The Lord says, I’m breaking them open in My light sabers, in My life savers in My light bearers. And I wanna know what you are bringing to the table, because it’s from what you bring that the form and the strategies of the future I’m gonna put ’em together.

Chuck Pierce – I want you to put your hand right here, you have a generator, think a generator within you. And it needs to be amped up. Decree right now that your generator is going to produce more power than it has ever produced.

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