Bubble up and See Your Path Ahead

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Justin Rana, Michelle Hadley, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: August 14, 2022

Chuck Pierce – And I would say to you this morning, “I am reforming paths right now. I’m causing paths to be anointed and I’m causing paths to be confined and I am causing paths to be reboundaried,” saith the Lord. “Know that your path is now changing and because of that, you must learn to stay in a way that you have never gone before. My cross must be applied to you so that you know the center of that path to walk in. I say to you, know this, you’ll be driving in a new way in days ahead. You’ll be moving down a stretch you have never moved down before, so watch Me as I lead you. Gates are already open, but how you secure the battle at the gate is how you’ll take the land in days ahead.”

Michelle Hadley – When Chuck released that, all I could see was jockeys and all I could see were the horses, kicking, kicking, kicking, kick, and then the gate opened and they took off with such a fierce speed. And I said, “Lord, what are You doing?” He said, just what Chuck said, he said, “You’re gonna run this race, but you’re gonna run it at such a speed and in such fierceness that the enemy won’t be able to keep up with you in this season.” He said, “Run, run, and then run again because I’ve already cleared the path.”

Chuck Pierce – And I say, “Don’t kick against the pricks on your new path for I already have positioned Myself to meet you in a new way, and when I meet you, you will start transforming your thoughts in ways that you have struggled in the past. I say it will be an instant transformation, but then vision will come. Know now, do not worry about the vision at the end of your path, but I am giving you a path and you will see as you go along this path. Take a step and then get ready. Do not kick against the pricks, for I plan to transform you for My future,” saith the Lord. Hallelujah.

Susan Shaulis – He says, “On this path, you’re gonna feel like you have an engine that’s a B-24.” He said, “Elijah had a double portion of anointing to press through.” He says, “There is such a power that I’m releasing through My people, that you’re gonna feel like an engine that’s been released with a new fuel and you’re gonna move at the speed of an engine of a B-24.”

Chuck Pierce – Now two things are happening here today. God is opening our eyes to see ahead and He is stirring springs of water so you get cool drinks along the way. Right now, put your hand here and say, “Stir up, Lord, stir up. Stir up so I see. Bubble up so I see.” See, those are two prophetic words. We are all prophetic, that means we can understand how the will of God applies to our life. Bubble up so you can see in days ahead. I want you to say that out loud. “Bubble up so I can see.” Paths are changing. The path of this nation is changing.

Now, I want us to do something before we go any further, and James, lead us back in this. Sunday when Amber and then Daniel and we all began to worship and ask God to change the atmosphere, even CNN said, “It is not even understood how that storm formed.” That is how powerful the effects of us worshiping and going into the atmosphere. It was an unexpected storm that God sent as a sign to say, “Ask Me, press through and watch Me bring down what you need.” Let’s give a shout of thanks.

Now when you give today, William, hold that basket up. Hold this one up. Lord, I bless every gift that has come in. All of you on the web, when you give today, decree the streams, the springs are already bubbling on your path that you will be refreshed in days ahead at the right place at the right time and you will see how to press on until you drink that water God has for you. And I say, “Though the enemy has tried to take things from you, I say to you today, you’re gonna find them along the way and you’re gonna really see who was behind the enemy, who was behind the enemy, who was behind the enemy so that the enemy, and you’ll see how the enemy planned that takeover and you’re gonna surprise his camp and take it back.

Justin Rana – Before we leave this moment, I do wanna share something that happened this week. On the day that the storm came out of nowhere, there was a bunch of people here in the office. We were, they were all waiting by the windows seeing if it was gonna rain and indeed it did rain, but something happened that afternoon. I went out to start my truck and my truck sounded very loud and someone had stolen the catalytic converters off my truck, which is a thing that’s going on right now. Now, I could have handled that a certain way. I could have been very upset, but because that happened when the Lord was divinely bringing rain at the same time, I knew that there was a reason that this went on, so I’m processing through that, but what I wanna say about that is you need to look at the things that are going on in your life right now and not look at them negatively and say, “Lord, what are You doing? How are You trying to change my path so that I can get on the right way with You?”

What I wanna say is the Lord began to talk to me about the vehicle that I was in, not the physical vehicle, but the vehicle that He had me riding in on my path. There’s no rent cars hardly available right now, I’m sure you guys know that, and so He pointed out exactly the way that He wanted me to rent a car for the next two weeks and He had pointed out exactly the car that I was supposed to get. It was a smaller car, it’s more confined, but it’s more efficient and it lines up with a dream that LeAnn had many, many years ago about me riding in a Jeep Wrangler and there was a Jeep Wrangler available right at this time. So I’m still walking down this path, but what I wanna tell you is God knows exactly what He’s doing, so don’t look at those things as things that are impeding you, but look at those things at things that can launch you into your next season.

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