Choose to Let It Grow

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: May 3, 2020

Robyn Vincent – And about three days ago the Lord, woke me up with, I mean it was just a trembling thing. He said, “be ye transformed!” and I woke up. And I said, “okay, all right Lord you got me.” “What does that mean?” “What does that mean to You?” “I know what it means to me but what does that mean to You?” And so, the Lord said to me He said, “changes come and go.” He said, “but when you are transformed it’s from one thing to another thing.” You can no longer be that again. It’s like going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. You can’t go back to that. And so the Lord began to speak to me and tell me, “this is a season you will be transformed.”

The next day, I had a dream. And it was like part two. And in the dream the Lord showed me that there was three sets, there were three sets of corpses walking around together. And it was literally like “The Walking Dead.” And some people were handling it one way and saying “security, security” like they wanted them arrested. And then there was me that when I saw them I charged after ’em. And when I charged after ’em I went after ’em ’cause they were peekin’ in my house. And I didn’t like that. And so I saw ’em peekin’ through my window and I went after ’em and I said, “this is because you didn’t choose to grow!” Don’t know where that came from Chuck.

James Vincent – You said you didn’t grow through it.

That’s what I said I said “you didn’t grow through it!” And I knew it was about this season. So when Chuck’s begin to speak about this is the weeks of our roots going deeper. I mean I’m tellin’ ya’ I knew this dream was God. Because my mind was not even in this place. But when I went out there and said that then the scene switched. And it switched to a hillside. There was a hillside and people were stacked up on top of each other sitting down in the grass on this hillside. And then I saw this familiar group that I’m, you know connected to. And in the past season I probably woulda’ just went with them. But I heard somebody say, “follow me” And I said, “I’m not doing that.” I knew the Lord in my spirit didn’t want me to do that. He wanted me to stay in a place, stay in a place where I can grow through it. Where I can grow through it. And so this is a season, I’m telling you do not follow the crowd. Do not follow the crowd!

Chuck Pierce – Grow through it!

Robyn Vincent – Do not follow the familiar. God is saying, “I’m bringing your roots deep.” “I’m bringing your roots deeper than you could’ve imagined.” But I’m telling you, the Lord said “this is a season to grow through it.” How do I know that? My youngest son Justice, he woke up, he woke up the same morning and he said, “Mom.” He said, “have you ever heard this song that they sing on this movie Lorax?” Is that the name? Lorax? And I said, “no.” He said, “I love that song it’s so funny.” I said, “well what’s the name of it?” He said, “Let It Grow.”

Chuck Pierce – “Let It Grow”, tell somebody “Let It Grow.”

Robyn Vincent – He said, “Let It Grow.” So I am here today to tell you, that the Lord is saying, “it is up to you, it is your choice.” “Will you be the Walking Dead or do you choose to let it grow?” Lord, Father we say now! Now! Now! Death is under our feet and we say yes! We choose to let it grow.

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