Confront the Barrenness in Your Life

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: September 12, 2021

Robyn Vincent – I just want to share this real fast because we’re talking about, we need a Holy Ghost. And when they were up here and they were shaking, I think it was Maria. When she was shaking her tambourine, I saw that on the inside, I saw that on the inside and what they were saying was the prayer of Hannah. I need a Holy Ghost. I’m not gonna tolerate barrenness in this season. I’m not gonna tolerate it! And so what I saw, I need a Holy Ghost was saying, I’m going to deal with that thing that has not yielded fruit I’m going to deal with that this season, I’m going to come into a place and I’m going to do something different.

The Bible says, “year after year, after year, she went up and she was taunted by that one thing that she could not produce.” By that one thing. And the Lord says, “because I’m bringing fullness in this season, we’re going to deal with the one thing, we’re going to deal with the one thing.” So Father, I say, Lord, even in those places that you’ve been striving to get that business going, in those places where you’re saying, “God, my family has got to shift”, in those places that you have said, “Lord, I know there’s a call on my life,” Hannah knew she was in that place not to be barren. She was still in the earth and she was not there to be barren. So God is saying, “you need to deal with it. You need to confront it. You need to come into a place where you say not so, Not this year.” In Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – That is a word from God. We’ve done Esther, we’ve done Ruth this year. God’s saying, Hannah, “you need to birth that thing you’ve dealt with forever. He’s saying it this way. In other words, Eli… And he was a crazy priest. I ain’t a crazy priest. Eli said, “that woman is so determined. I’m gonna bless her Lord.” And this is what God does with us. I’m gonna bless her and say, give her what she’s asking. Now you press in hard enough this year. And I say, right now, this is about to catch up with you somewhere. Give them what they’re asking.

Robyn Vincent – And I want to say this too Chuck. The one thing that she was willing to do was something different, she was willing to do something different. And I hear the word, that is the word of wisdom that God is sending into this earth. He says, “you will not be tormented by the enemy in this season. You do not have to fear going back to the old, you do not have to fear barrenness or not being able to establish that which God has already spoken and said yes to. The Lord is saying, “if you go there and you’re willing to do something different, it will produce”

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