Contend With the Triumphant Anointing of My Name Against the Herd of Horses From Hell

Voices: Bob McGregor, Brian Kooiman, Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, LeAnn Squier, Maggie Wallace, Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: August 16, 2020

Brian Kooiman *Speaking in The Spirit*

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “no herd of horses will have the strength that my people have. I say now will be a day that you will run not with just those that were weak and those that you could contend with but now you will contend with the herd of the horses of hell that are contending in this land.” I say “Hell, will not be able to overtake what I am rising up in the earth.”

LeAnn Squire – ♪ And I see a city on a hill top with a ♪ ♪ Light that shines that can’t be shut out ♪ ♪ I see it I see your city Lord ♪ ♪ And I see your city on a hill top with ♪ ♪ A light that cannot be denied I see your ♪ ♪ City Lord I see it I see it ♪ ♪ Out of Zion the perfection of beauty ♪ ♪ You shine forth from your city ♪ ♪ On a hill top from your city on a hill ♪

Tobias Lyons – Psalm 1:39 talks about how the Lord goes before us into our future and behind us to guard us from our past and the Lord keeps saying that “Anywhere I go I take triumph” “Whether that is before you in the future or whether that is behind you to cover you from your past I surround you in triumph” The Lord says “That moving into this season that I am uprooting the trauma that you have brought and are tying to bring into your new season.” “But I am causing triumph to bloom, I am causing triumph to form in your midst.” The Lord says “Ask me to circumcise your heart before you go into this next season and if you ask me then I am good to fulfill triumph on your behalf.”

Keevy Phillips – “For is it not my name that I have marked you with” says the Lord. “I am God and I have a name and I have marked you with that name and by that name that is what you are set apart by” says the Lord. “So access my name.” “Access my name today” says the Lord. “For it is by that name I have made covenant with Abraham with Isaac and with Jacob.” “Access my name my stamp of approval is my name” says the Lord.

Marty Cassady – And Jesus said in John 12. He said “If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto myself.” And he was talking about how he would die. But the other day the Lord said “Look at that again” look at it with fresh eyes because yes he was lifted up and he was crucified but he was lifted up a second time by Holy Spirit. When he was resurrected and brought up out of that grave and the Lord says the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus. That name can be spoken in every tongue by every tribe. It is the simplest of the gospel it is not complicated. He did it all by His blood. The name of Jesus.

Maggie Wallace – ♪ Who is this coming over the mountain ♪ ♪ It’s my Jesus and my beloved who is ♪ ♪ This coming over the mountain it’s my ♪ ♪ Jesus my beloved ♪

Chad Foxworth – The Lord says “As you say my name in this season I’m removing double mindedness from my people.” Every double minded Spirit I cast it out this morning in Jesus name. “This redo that we’ve been in is because I am bringing a new focus to my people.” “I need you to decree a thing and not be double minded.” “No longer with you be held between two opinions, you will be focus to decree my will on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name.”

Bob McGregor – In prayer last night God gave me a word and I wanna loose it today. But I wanna read it so I give it to you the way he gave it to me. “Carry the weight of My presence into every place you step foot.” “You are My glory carrier and you will not downplay or conceal that fact from anyone.” “You have asked for my blessing and favor and I’ve poured them out over you to make you an ancient of change wherever you go.” “Don’t back away from this stop looking at who you think you are without my presence.” “The real you is who you are with me and I’m not pulling out now while the battle rages hotter than ever.” “As you press on from this moment wherever you may be say to yourself,” “I’m here to change lives” “My presence is in you and on you to change, restore and renew.” “Expect what you previously could not imagine as I take the limits off.” And I wanna say now as Moses once said “Rise up Oh God, and let your enemies be scattered” “And that those who hate you flee from your presence.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow. Now there were two distinct, you hear how the prophetic flow is going the stream of prophetic flow. There were two distinct concepts in that time that Brian gave. One was how the enemy had sent hoards to try and pull you apart and separate you from having the mind of Christ. And the Lord says to you… This was the other sentence. “There is a new anointing coming upon the soles of your feet” Now look down at your feet look down at the soles of your feet. The Lord says “I am bringing an anointing all the way through my body from the soles of their feet.” “Because my body will start moving in, in new ways and moving to places in new ways and going into places that they never even wanted to go. “I say the soles of your feet will begin to tingle and vibrate with my new movements saith the Lord.”

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