Create With the Palettes of Judah

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 14, 2023

LeAnn Squier – But I just saw the Lord putting an artist’s palette in your hand, and it’s covered with all these different colors. And it’s going to come to you from Judah. Judah is going to begin to move in a way that literally you’re going to be presented with this artist’s palette. And the Lord said you’re gonna start painting things, painting understandings, painting wisdom, painting scenarios. It’s gonna be like even painting things that the French art, where it looks so real that you wanna walk through a doorway. It’s like you’re gonna begin to paint doorways. You’re going to begin to paint expressions and avenues forward. And the Lord says there will be painted ways where there seems to be no way. And the Lord says He’s gonna put it in your hand but it’s gonna be so colorful. It’s gonna be so beautiful. He’s gonna put a brush in one hand and the pallet in the other. And the Lord just says, as you have honored Judah, and you have allowed Judah to be all that he’s called them to be, the Lord said He’s gonna give you this and you’re going to be lifted up on a wind that you have not been lifted up on before. I just see the wind coming up under your wings in a whole new way. And you’re going to have such an eagle eye of precision for the future. And so, father, I thank you right now for this man honoring Judah, but honoring Your spirit. And Lord, thank you, God, for the provision of going forward in a future in such an amazing artistic and creative way.

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