Cross the Bridge Into Freedom and Grace

Voices: Anne Tate, Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 16, 2022

Barbara Wentroble – Chuck, I had a dream this week. It was one of those that just would not go away. I almost wrote it and sent it to you, I probably should have. But in this dream, I was standing at a bridge to cross over and it was not a solid bridge. It was not like a concrete bridge. It was a swinging bridge. And that bridge had boards there so when the wind would blow, it was unstable. It was just not a stable place. And I was standing there and I knew that I represented where the body of Christ was. And there was a decision on am I willing to get on this bridge and cross over. You talked about a trench and it wasn’t a river underneath, but it was just a deep trench. And standing there, I knew that there were fears, there were anxieties, there were all of these things trying to hold back so that we could not cross over. And knowing that should you make that decision and stand on that bridge with those boards that as the wind would blow, there would be the uncertainty, am I going to make it across there? There were so many, and I think those boards represented whether it was fear, whether it was regrets, whatever it was, but there were things those boards were trying to keep the body from making that decision and be willing and courageous enough to get on that bridge, to get on that swinging bridge, knowing that the winds would come, the storms would come, but the courage to keep going through all of that, the grace to make it to the other side to be able to possess what God had for us. And it was such a strong dream, I could not get away from it.

Chuck Pierce – Every one of those boards you step on, you gain a new level of faith and courage. You get closer and closer to, now remember that one statement I said, ’cause they left Egypt out of bondage. They went into freedom, but they didn’t go into promise. Tell somebody I’m gonna make it through this whole thing.

Anne Tate – I just heard a word, a prophetic word in there. And the Lord said that that bridge is how you view your future. But He said, when you put your feet on there, it will stabilize because that’s how I see your future.

Chuck Pierce – And He says, every step you take, you’re stepping into that next place that I can prosper you. Lord. I loose this over us today. We refuse to settle down and not continue to cross over. Tell somebody I’m gonna make it. He’s already won, say it out loud. I will triumph, make that statement. I’m going across the line into freedom and grace. Now give a shout up into heaven.

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