Cut Ties With the Religion of Anti Christ

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 29, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Now, before Robert goes forward, I want you to understand. See, the way it works in China is you have to be a part of the Three-Self Church, the government church In America, be very careful. By 2026, there will be a move for us to be a part of a government church. Put your hand on somebody and say, “We gonna stay free.” Now, the only way you gonna stay free is to be aligned. Remember, I’ve worked in China and Russia since the ’80s. The only way you can stay free is that you know who labors among you. All of you on the web, we know who’s connected with us. And the Lord says, “Get ready, there is coming, sooner than you know, a move to make us religious.” See, that’s how anti-Christ works. Therefore, over this next year, cut ties with any religion that is blinding you.

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