Cutting off the Restricting Stigma of the Church

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: October 2, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I saw the modern day temple, God’s church where we gather, ’cause you’re His church, you’re His bride. But there’s something that He requires for us to gather together. And He requires that for us to be complete and to have, He said, “forsake not the gathering of yourself.” And I saw an anaconda surrounding the church all four sides. And this thing has put such a stigma around God’s gathering place, that the church is almost a bad word to most people. It’s rejected by most people. And we’re gonna break the power of that anaconda. See, it’s a constrictor. It’s not a poisonous snake. It’s a constricting snake. The pythos, it’s a supernaturally constricts.

It was the plan that wiped out our First People. It was called the Anaconda Plan. We’ll surround the nation and then we will press all of the first people to one place, then annihilate them. It was the same plan Hitler used in World War II to try to take over all of the Jewish people. He got it from America. And the Lord says this thing is trying to squeeze out the life of the church, and cause us as a nation not to see the reality of celebrated gathering when we come together. ‘Cause we’ve lost celebration in the church. Lord says, “I’m ready to turn that right now. I’m ready to turn it. I’m ready to turn it. I’m ready to bring My glory back in. I’m ready to reestablish My glory in My temple. I’m ready for My people to come together.” And let me tell you something, we need each other. Look at somebody, tell ’em, we need each other. You’ll get to a place in your life, you can’t pull it off on your own. We need each other. Now, James I don’t usually do this. I want us to sing that song where you’re addressing North, South, East, and West. And I want us to tell that anaconda you are going to let go, back off, and some of you right now, that pythos spirit is trying to squeeze the life out of you, you’re going to say this thing that’s tried to surround me and squeeze my life out, you’re gonna back it off in Jesus’ name.

Keevy Phillips – This morning when I was coming into church, one of my neighbors stopped me and said, he said and I had my Bible with my hand coming here, and he said, “It looks like you hadn’t forgotten God.” And I told him, I said, “Yes, I never will forget God.” And the Lord said, “There is a boldness that has to come up in My people who are not afraid to identify with Me.” I am not ashamed of Christ. Nope. Anywhere I go, I am not ashamed. I am proud to tell them I am the Lord’s servant. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a bar, doesn’t matter if I’m in a cigar lounge, doesn’t matter where I’m at. I am not ashamed. There is a boldness that has been squeezed out in this pandemic to associate with Christ. But in the name of Jesus, the boldness of the sons and the daughters of God is coming back to the house. I am not ashamed to be called a Christian in this land. I am a proud African American man who believes in Jesus Christ. And nobody anywhere is gonna make me deny Him. Now if that is you and you feel like you have been constricted and you are not bold enough to profess your faith, that is coming off you today in Jesus name. I need bold people, strong people to say, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

James Vincent – ♪ I was created, I was created ♪ ♪ I was created for his glory ♪ ♪ I was created, I was created ♪ ♪ I was created for his glory ♪

Chuck Pierce – Tell it to back off your family, tell it to back it off! Back it off! It moves toward heat, gets so hot that it can’t squeeze you, the life out of you.

Barbara Wentroble – We have something interesting happened at our house this week. We had a tree in our front yard. That tree was 12 years old. It was big. Pamela understand some of this. Beautiful in the fall, the leaves turned colors. It was a beautiful tree. The problem was that the roots were going out toward the foundation of our garage, toward the sidewalk ready to destroy what was there. And no matter how beautiful it was, we had no choice but to get rid of that tree. And so they had to work really hard because the roots were so big, chopping those out to remove all of that so that a new tree could be planted in that place. And we’ve been hearing this morning about joy in the midst of everything. We had to rejoice and have joy, because that thing that had been beautiful in the past would be destruction in the days ahead. And I just feel that the spirit of the Lord is telling us, the path of the righteous grows brighter.

Therefore, whatever it takes, no matter how beautiful it has seemed in the past for that path, that we’re going to have to cut the roots to that thing. We’re going to have to get rid of it, but let there be a new planting of the Lord. And we stood there looking at that new tree with such joy, because we knew that this was not something for destruction. This was something that was going to last through the years. They said the problem with that first tree was that the roots were not planted deep enough. I’m telling you, God is planting our roots deep in the soil of His Spirit so that no matter the storms, the drought, whatever comes our way, we’re going thrive we’re going prosper and we’re going allow the glory of God to fill us once again! Cut off the old and enter into the new that God has for us!

Chuck Pierce – So Lord, we cut off the stigma that has come on what is known as the church. And we say, people will see your gathering as a place of celebration, jubilation, power, and authority. Now let’s lift that door over there and let’s, as we sing this, let it go out. I want the dancers. It’s got a sidewalk in front of this building that looks like a python. I want you to dance all the way around this building then out on that sidewalk, then call in people to come and enjoy being together in celebration.

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