Deal Aggressively With Doubt

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Raven Vincent
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Raven Vincent – I keep hearing the Lord saying that this is not the time to a handshake with doubt. He is deal… He’s saying, “Deal aggressively with doubt. To deal aggressively-”

Chuck Pierce – This is the God’s word.

Raven Vincent – “With doubt.”

Chuck Pierce – God’s word!

Raven Vincent – We are not handshaking with doubt anymore. We are not putting a foot up, like we’re not giving doubt a foot in our lives, in our families, in our communities. We are breaking any bit of agreement with doubt. There is power in agreement and we are breaking agreement with doubt today. The Lord is saying, if you need healing, He is dealing with that healing. He’s dealing with that infirmity, break agreement with doubt and come and step out and get your healing. Like the woman with issue of blood, push through and get your healing. We are breaking any agreement with the spirit of doubt today, and we are dealing aggressively, we are going to war because we have the authority to break agreement with that spirit of doubt, in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Now, if that’s you, if you are shaking hands with infirmity, if you are shaking hands with death, or death is trying to grab hold of your hand, you say right now, “I’m letting go of this,” and tell it to come away from you. Command it out of your atmosphere in Jesus’ name.

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