Do Something New for the War Ahead

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 18, 2022

Chuck Pierce – One night I was so sick from this migraine, you know, and migraines, I’m not even sure their headaches. they’ve studied ’em so much. They’re phenomenon and it’s supernatural and it’s… It’s from hell. And yet God can use it. I lose my vision and then I have to work my way back toward vision. So think about, since I’ve been having those since I was three, all the things I’ve learned. Think about all the things I’ve tried. And Mayo Clinic, the best of the best, but yet I had to have the Lord and His Spirit each time that happens. Somebody called me, I think it was Tuesday night, and when somebody calls me, it’s not like, “Hi, how are you? What’s going on with your life?” I don’t, we don’t, I don’t do that. It’s, “Lazarus is dead. Would you do something?” I mean, that’s usually the conversations I have with people. And when they, two people, I’m throwing up and they’re calling, telling me, starting to just to tell me the mess they’re in. And I said, “Listen, I’m in my own mess. Only God can work this out for you because I can’t.” Do you know what? They both call me back this week and God worked it out for ’em.

But He spoke to me and He said, “You’ve got to learn to do something new for the war head. If you don’t…” Finally Thursday, that’s what broke me through, do something new. And I sat there for a moment. I said, “All right, Lord, I’ll do everything new.” And Friday morning when I went to do Shabbat, which we’re about to watch that little section again, Daniel walked in because he had brought the kids up here for school and said, “I’m about to go shoot my new bow,” now not knowing anything about what God is saying to me. And he said, “I have never shot this bow. And even this type of bow.” And I said, “And Simon’s gonna go with you and he’s gonna shoot it because something happens when you do something new.” Now look at somebody and say, “This is gonna be a very interesting week for you.” The greatest fear, the greatest fear people have is adapting to change. And that is not what the season is going to be about.

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