Don’t Lose Your Expectation

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: July 10, 2022

Keith Pierce – You know this morning when I got up and I was walking outside, and it was so hot. And yesterday there was a chance of rain, but it missed Denton. And I was sitting there and I was going, “Lord, but we need the rain.” And this is what He said. He said, “But My people have become like the servant of Elijah. They’ve quit expecting rain to form for them.” And I said, “Lord, what should we do?” And He said, “You’ve got to change your expectations this very moment. You’ve got to catch a new vision for rain. And you’ve got to look to the horizon, and look and look again, and then look one more time, and then look beyond because it is beginning to rain.” And I begin to cry out for all of us. And I want you to put your hand on your heart here. I said, “Lord, Galatians 6:9 says, ‘Let us not get tired of doing what is right, and we will reap the harvest of blessing.’ Through the heat, through the manipulation, through the control and the chaos of this world, do not let us lose the expectation of rain.” And the Lord said, “Tell My people to look at what the definition of rain is them individually. And you will see a corporate downpour in My name.” In Jesus name, lift up a shout.

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