Don’t Scratch No Matter How Bad It Itches

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 11, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Now something else happened to me Friday morning. I was getting ready and you know, the Lord. It’s important to know the voice of the spirit. See the Word speaks. The spirit speaks. God speaks, Jesus speaks, but Holy Spirit speaks also and you have to learn how they’re each, even though they’re one communicating to you in a certain way and the spirit of God spoke to me three times. One sentence, and it wasn’t something I was even. It was beyond me. I don’t know how to tell you. He said, “Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches. Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches. Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches.” And you know, I was a little shocked. I didn’t really know what he was saying. And so as I sought him and as I began to just see understanding, Brian sent me two articles. One thing about itching is itching is a sign of healing or it’s a sign of resistance. And if you itch your skin when you feel it itching, you know, and you’ve hurt yourself and it’s healing, you can damage yourself even more by itching it. And so we have this natural longing to scratch what is being healed.

Now I’m gonna say it what it really means. Not what hurts, what is being healed. We have this natural longing to help it along because we feel it. Another thing that it means is when you’re perplexed, you scratch your head. It’s a saying. Boy, I just scratched my head over that. And really what God is saying is I’m not wanting you to understand everything. And you are working to understand everything. And as you strive to understand that situation you’re in or the things around you, you are spending so much time that you are getting confused. So do not scratch no matter how bad it itches. Another thing that it means is this. I’m just doing something in you and you keep trying to help me along with it. And you try to help me along with others that I’m doing things in. I will call you when I need you. If not, don’t touch it. Now, that is a word as we press toward the new year ahead. I’ll call you if I need you. I know exactly where you are. I know when I need your help to heal a situation. I know when I need your help to try to help understanding calm, but until I need you, don’t keep putting your hands on it, because you’re making things worse based upon how you are trying to help the situation get healed. Now, father I say, we are coming to a new place where we are letting go.

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