Doors Are Opening to the Highway of Holiness

Voices: Tom Schlueter
Date Given: December 31, 2022

Tom Schlueter – The Lord would say today is the day that I am bringing to pass Isaiah 35. I am laying down not just a highway of Holiness, but a train line of holiness. I am bringing all sorts of new resources to My army, in this hour. You will not head into this year like you’ve headed into any other year in the past. Do not go in whining, you are going in with the strength of the army of the Ekklesia. I am giving you all the resources you need. I will be speaking to you, I will be clarifying for you, I will give you open discernment of every step that you will take. So watch, watch carefully, for I am opening doors that is laying out the highway of Holiness.

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