Draw On The Prophetic Language Of My Spirit

Voices: Eleanor Roehl, Linda Heidler, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Linda Heidler – In the tongue that came out last night, I heard what Chuck was just saying. Because the Lord said, “You’re gonna have to learn to talk in code. And I’ve been training you prophetically. I’ve been training you for years to learn a new way of talking that the enemy will not comprehend or understand.” He said, “This year, you’re gonna have to draw on that prophetic inspired by the spirit in order to clearly communicate with each other and fly under the radar of the enemy.” So the Lord says, “Draw on Me, draw on My spirit. I have been teaching you trust what I’m leading you to say at the right time and in the right place that will open those doors.” But He said, “Do not rely on your understanding, do not rely on what you think will sound right, walk and talk and speak by the inspiration of My spirit in the code of prophetic that I’ve been training you in for all these years.”

Eleanor Roehl – As we were getting to fly down, hundreds and even thousands of flights were being canceled. And Chuck asked me to share this last night. It was a miracle that we were able to come down because our flight got canceled, and there were hundreds that were being canceled. And so the Lord began to say to me, “What seems like a delay will become your supernatural upgrade in this new season and in this new era.” For He says that, “He is giving out new supernatural weaponry, new supernatural artillery, new supernatural language, kingdom language that will unlock kingdom principle, unlock kingdom principles in this new season.” For He is causing us to be those new code talkers, those new wind walkers and those new water walkers. He says, “Get ready for out of the box experiences for I’m gonna cause you to walk in the supernatural in a whole new way. So let go of the old mantle and put on the new,” says the Lord. For I’m going to be unlocking places I’m gonna be causing you to even translate in this season and in this era.

Lisa Lyons – And with that new language that the Lord is releasing, He says, “There is a new sound and a new song in your worship. It is not just the words you are speaking, but it is what you are singing.” Chuck shared last night out of Isaiah 60. And there’s a verse that talks about the caravans praising. God says, “There is a sound and a song of the caravan that I am calling you this season to release.” He says, “Some of you have been worshiping out of a place of me.” God says, “But I’m calling you to worship out of the place where the caravans are coming, out of a place where you are assured that your provision is here, be it financial, be it revelation, be it relation or whatever it is, in this new language that I am bringing, know a purpose to change your worship and change your sound and sing the song of the caravan.

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