Dream Robbers and Night Terrors Are Being Exposed

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: April 29, 2020

Keevy Phillips – The Lord’s saying, “Even now, I am coming to deal with the enemy “that has robbed people in night terrors “and not been able to listen to me “and I’m communicating to them “through dreams and visions at night. “But the Lord is coming to deal “with that adversary that has robbed you in your sleep, “that sends night terrors, “rather than allowing the Lord to bring dreams and vision “and strategies to make your day a success.” We come against you. Satan, you are bound by the blood of the lamb, in Jesus’ name. You no longer have the right to lie and to send night terrors to your people. “This is the hour where I’m restoring dreams again,” says the Lord. “Know this day, I have come down with My lightning “and with My thunder to deal with Satan “and him stealing My vision and My prophetic revelation “at night.” “No longer,” says the Lord, “Night terrors are done with today. “In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Chuck Pierce – Dream robbers, dream robbers, dream robbers. We say right now you’re being exposed in Yeshua’s name.

Susan Shaulis – And the Lord says, “Words of knowledge are gonna weave like golden threads “through your dream life at night.” So He says, “Be aware, “for those words of knowledge “will bring strategies for businesses, “strategies to begin to bring the fresh wind of prosperity “into the earth realm. “So know that every lightning strike that has strucken, “it has brought elements into the earth “so let it hold up “when you begin to dream in the night season. “And as you do, “you will see what has not been uncovered “to begin to release in the earth realm “to watch my kingdom become what it is in this time.”

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