Dreams & Visions Coming to Dearborn Michigan & Beyond

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Linda Heidler
Date Given: December 8, 2019

Linda Heidler – When Maggie began to talk about seeing dreams and visions falling all over the United States, I immediately saw Dearborn, Michigan. And I saw the Lord beginning to send dreams to the Muslim community there. I, they began to have visions and I saw it was like an invasion of heaven that began to come in there. Lord in this month, where light is to shine in the darkness, we ask for the light of Holy Spirit to penetrate that dark place.

We ask for your spirit to send dreams, and visions and words. Visitations that they can’t deny. Lord where no man can go in with the Gospel. We call your spirit to go. To bring Jesus to them in a way that they’ll know, “I’ve had an encounter with the true and living God.” Lord we call for those dreams to begin to fall like rain in that dark place.

Brian Kooiman – And Father we say from this house, “Let your angels be dispatched.” Angels that will unlock peoples, nations, tribes, tongues. Father we say, “Let this be a beginning.” A beginning in this month of Kislev. Of light coming to the darkness. Those places that have lived in the shadow of the night. We say, “Let their eyes be open. “Let the light of Glory come in.”

We say who is the King of glory? Who is the King of the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty. He is the King of glory King of Glory we say “Invade, invade, invade the Nations invade the homes, invade the schools, invade the hospitals invade the Judicial Systems, invade marriages in homes.” Lord we have wanted You to come You said if we make a place for You You will come so we thank You for coming tonight We thank You for heaven coming into Earth, not just here in this portal, but every place that’s connected. We say let the gates be opened, let the gates be open, let the gates be open, for that light , for that love for the presence of heaven to come in.

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