Eight Days of Unprecedented Joy

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Lisa Lyons, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: October 2, 2022

LeAnn Squier – And I say to you, there’s a season of unprecedented joy that you are about to enter into. The Lord said, He said, “You’re gonna lift up your eyes. And you’ve been calling out some names and you’ve dreaming dreams of people that you have known the Lord was calling.” And the Lord says, “You’re going to lift up your eyes and you’re going to begin to see them coming. You’re going to see them coming on the shoulders of kings and queens. They’re going to bring them back. They’re coming home. They’re coming home. They’re coming home.”

Susan Shaulis – I woke up this morning with the Lord touching the body of Christ and a fireball shot through us and there was a strength for the war over the prodigals for the days ahead. And He said, “There is a supernatural strength for bringing in the harvest of souls that are about to be seen in the Earth realm as never before. Receive the fireball of My strength,” says the Lord.

LeAnn Squier – And the Lord says, “There’s a new sound coming from a house. It’s a sound of joy being heard from a long way off.” Therefore, the Lord says, “Retune yourself, retune yourself for joy. Retune, retune, and align yourself for joy.” To release new sounds of joy that you haven’t released in the past. The Lord says, “Lift up your voice with joy and sing those redeeming, everlasting songs, and they will be heard.

Lisa Lyons – And the Lord says, “Begin to look for joy in unexpected places.” There’s places you think you’re gonna look and expect to see joy, but God says, “Open your eyes to the joy that is in unexpected places.” I spent the whole day yesterday in two different places that didn’t have anything to do with church, anything to do with the Spirit, anything to do with anything, and the thing that overwhelmed me in both was the joy that was present in people. Learn to tap into resources and wells of joy that you would not expect and that you would not look for because that’s what’s gonna break open in this day.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now remember, when we are entering this month, it is about joy. And even biblically, the Lord required it. Eight days of joy. Now that is the only way you can get used to your new mantle because it’s hard. You know, think about sometimes when you put something new on, you have to wait until it really fits or you might have to have it fitted. But remember when they were upset over their sins and upset over how bad the nation had turned away. Remember Nehemiah looked at them and said, “This isn’t about that, the eight days, this is about you not grieving, but wearing joy.” Now, I’m gonna tell you it’s hard to do eight days of joy but I know we can do it. I know we can do it. All of you on the web, I know you can do it. I know God wouldn’t have told us to do it if we couldn’t do it. Now, put your hand on somebody and say, “I know you’re gonna be able to accomplish this.”

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