Enough Is Enough

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Right now you need to stop for a moment and look straight up to the Lord and say, define my portion. Say it out loud, define my portion. See within those boundaries that’s yours. And when the enemy comes in with an upper hand in your boundaries, you have to learn to break down his scheme and take back everything that’s he has taken and is holding captive say, define my boundaries. Now Father I loose new anointing of restoration upon us, I decree we will see our boundaries restored in a new way this year.

LeAnn Squier – About two weeks ago, maybe three Maria had a tongue in this Judas Circle before worship one Sunday morning, and she was just groaning in intercession, and I heard everything in English. And the Lord was saying enough is enough. Enough is enough. He said, draw a line in the sand and set the boundary. And I will dismantle the structure. Our part was to hear Him say, I’m saying enough, this is enough, enough, enough. And the second thing was that we had to draw a line and say okay, I’m in agreement and on the earth, this is the boundary line, this is it. And set that boundary. And then He said, then I will dismantle the structures. And if you think about the mantle it’s to de authorize, He’s going to begin as we do what He is calling us to do in setting the boundaries. Fully possessing them and fixing those then He is going to begin to de authorize those things that have been structures that are not meant to be in place, but yet they are in place.

So He is dismantling. Then probably a week later He followed it up with one simple statement. He said, this is the great unmasking. And I was like, oh, that’s kind of a little double entendre there isn’t it. The great unmasking, but as He is dismantling, there’s gonna facades that begin to fall. You’re gonna think you saw one thing. And then all of a sudden the truth of that thing, it’s gonna be revealed it’s like a curtain is just gonna fall and God is gonna unmask what’s been in authority behind it that was not legitimate authority. So we are cooperating with heaven so that He can dismantle, de legitimize, but He has to work with us in our agreements. So this hour set those boundaries and be firm about where they are, and God is going to dismantle these things that are not meant to be in the high places. Every high thing must come down. Every high thing must come down.

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