Expect a Move of the Supernatural

Voices: Isaac Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Mark Waldrep, Suzanne Harrington
Date Given: February 19, 2023

Keevy Phillips – The Lord would say to you that this month is a month where I am superseding your senses this hour. And the Lord says, this is a month where I am calling you to come to a place that you’ve never been before. And the Lord says, this is the month where I will visit you greatly with angelic help, says the spirit of the Lord. And the Lord says that I am getting out of your mind and I am processing. I am processing through your thought process this hour. For many of you have said that this is the time where I will lay and rest. When the Lord is saying, this is a time to rise and to war for your promise, the Lord says, I have strategies. Yes, I have many strategies that are downloaded to you this hour. Be cautious of your dreams. Be cautious of your visions this hour for I will visit My people with spiritual things, for there are spiritual hosts you’ve never seen before. And there are types of angels you’ve never even recognized. But the Lord is saying, the time is right for the for the unknown to come into place. The time is now for the unknown to come into place. I say don’t frustrate My unknown, but believe in what I will do this hour says the spirit of the Lord.

Suzanne Harrington – And expect it. Expect God to come forth and do for you what you don’t think he can. Recently the Lord, and I’ve been holding this, but recently there were two incidences that just show this so beautifully. I go out to the car to go to a a meeting and the car goes, ahhh, nothing. And so I’d come in the house and I danced around and I said, Father, thank you so much how You’re gonna bless me. You’ve already prepared the way. I called AAA. Send a guy out. He says, “Well, gosh, your, your warranty is out.” I said, “I don’t think that’s the last one.” He looks up again. He said, “whoop. Yep, there is one.” Puts in a new battery, doesn’t cost me a dime. Hallelujah. You expect it. Then, this is really great. I’m up on my ladder, my six foot ladder in the closet changing out the clothes and on the way up or down, I don’t really remember which it was, but I missed the last step. So I came down about a good three feet with hands full of clothes. And on the way down I got this big grin on my face and I said, “Father, you take such good care of me. Thank you for this.” And then I hit the floor on this hip and it hurt. And I started laughing and I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and got up. The next morning I did not even have a bruise. I should have had a bruise ’cause it was a hard hit. But this is what the Lord is saying. He says, “If you praise Me on the way down, if you’ll expect expect Me to come through, I will do it for you.”

Mark Waldrep – That’s good. I heard the Lord say that the, when I say move the opportunity window is open. The Lord is refreshing Our credentials. Those refreshed credentials will put us into spheres and into people groups that heretofor we were not effective in. But with his help, we will move into those places by his spirit, working with our spirit. They will hear, they will listen. The Lord says, don’t worry, about what it looks like. As you go in, I am with you. Hearts will be changed and together we will melt granite linings.

Isaac Pierce – This week you need to find out what your Jericho is. Ask the Lord what your Jericho is and you are going to be marching around it because in the book of Joshua, it is given to him. Jericho is already handed over. There is nothing else because the Lord said it is yours. So take hold of your Jericho’s. This week march around and don’t stop marching until it comes down.

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