Expect the Power of God to Perform Miracles

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Maria Layton
Date Given: March 10, 2024

Maria Layton – I just heard the Lord say that this is the atmosphere for miracles. With this sound, if you see the lyrics of this song, he said, I’m turning mourning into dancing, beauty for ashes, bones into armies. Those things take the miraculous power of God to do. So the Lord is saying today, I want to perform a miracle in your life, in your life, in your life, in your life, and those things that you think are impossible, and you’re saying, God it’s hard, I don’t know if you can do it, now is the atmosphere to step into that and say, Lord, here I am, release your powerful, miraculous power. I believe that you can.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, put your hands on someone and say expect God, expect God to do something. All of you on the web. Stand up, throw your hands up and say, God, I expect your spirit to break through for me.

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