Famine Is Turning Into Prosperity

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Josh Black, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: July 17, 2022

Josh Black – Speaking in the Spirit

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you that the land that you stand on, you have called a famine, but as soon as your feet and your seed go into that ground I say it is prosperous, says the Lord. The Lord says that land that has been dry as long until you put your foot on it. And until you sow your seed in that land, it will be barren. But by demarcating that land with your seed and with your feet touching it, it becomes prosperous no matter how dry it is, in the natural I’ll bust the ground from beneath it and water it if I have to says the Lord. Put your seed and plant your feet on the land and I will change the label of that land, says the Lord, take territories and plant seeds and plant your feet on the land, for I will water it, supernaturally, says the Lord. I am turning the label of famine into prosperity. Plant your seed in the land, says the Lord.

Chad Foxworth – The Lord says to you that I’m making you like rain. So ascend with Me so I can bring you back down. Ascend with Me so I can descend on the land. So you can quench the land in Jesus’ name. Lift up your hands and say, Lord, I ascend, Lord I ascend, so I can descend in Jesus’ name.

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