Find Your Freedom in Receiving

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Peter Oviedo
Date Given: February 26, 2023

Peter Oviedo – You see, Chuck, I’m a giver. I give, I help. I know how to do these types of things. I can sing. I dance, and I don’t dance a lot of times here, but I dance when I’m alone, but I dance, right? Chuck Pierce – Love it. Peter – But listen, we’re good at doing that, we’re good at shouting, we’re doing all of these things. And that’s great. But see I had a problem receiving. I had a problem receiving. And so the word is about receiving. I was at the Men’s Conference, Chuck just last week with Brother Tim and Joshua Black. All these guys, these men’s from the house here, did an amazing job. They were giving away gifts, Chuck, free gifts. Every man had a gift. All you had to do was come and receive. Do you think your brother Peter got up?

Chuck Pierce  – Oh my.

Peter Oviedo – No. There was something inside of me, Chuck that had me tied down to my chair. And so I’m watching the men go up and they’re getting nice, nice patio heaters, backpacks, I’m talking about nice things Chuck. And I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, “God why didn’t I get one?” And He’s like, “Well, you didn’t get up.” And so I went back. I was saved in March of 2020. And I went back to the basics. And I remember reading in Psalms 1:39 when it says, “Search my heart God, see if there’s any anxiousness in me” And so I prayed right there on that, at that chair, Chuck. And I said, “God, what is it? What is it that is keeping me from receiving what is mine, what you’re trying to give me?” And He revealed something that was spoken over me when I was about 13 years old. And I immediately had to repent. I had to repent. And then the Lord gave me this word that I thought it was important. I shared it with Barbie Breathitt, she’s like, “Okay, this is important. I think this is for the body. We’re moving into the new season and we must be able to receive.” And so the Lord spoke to me and really clearly and He said this, “This is the year of divine recovery.”

Chuck Pierce  – Oh!

Peter Oviedo – Now I know that we go to Glory of Zion. And we’ve heard that word many times, but for me, it was confirmation, Chuck. Okay, I heard it now. Hey, how many of us need things that we have things that we need to recover? I do. And so I said, “Okay, God, I received that word.” And then that wasn’t the only thing He said to me, “You need to learn to receive your healings, your deliverances, your financial breakthroughs your strategies, your miracles and here’s the big and: and you must give Me platform to do everything I need to do in you and through you.” And Chuck, I believe this means this: We’re good at praying. We’re good at screaming. We’re good at shouting. But I feel like the spirit of the Lord is telling us “Just be still. Be still. And know that I am God. Can you just be quiet for a minute?” We’re asking for healings. We’re asking for deliverances. We’re asking for everything that we need. And the Lord is saying, “Can you just be quiet? Can you just be quiet? I heard you the first time and the hundredth time and the thousandth time. Can you just trust Me and receive?”

Chuck Pierce – This is called humility. Peter, you have just given us the word of the Lord. He gave his only begotten son. Your first act of freedom is receiving.

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