Foundational Roots Are Being Strengthened

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 14, 2024

LeAnn Squier – The roots are your family structures. The roots are your heritage. The roots are your ethnicity. The roots are all the roots that we have in Christ Jesus. But I feel like the Lord is saying, “look again to your roots and your foundations.” This morning, the Lord clearly said to me, “I am tearing up some old faulty foundations.” That was this morning before I got here. I was like, “Okay, Lord., just.” and it was like they were shabby coverings. The floor had been covered over because the foundations were poor. So, Lord, we just say today, we agree with this month. Lord, we agree that new foundations are going to be settled and established. And Lord, we say foundational root structures, God, are being strengthened, even now, redemption is going into your families. Healing is going into your families. Reconciliation is going into your families new grace is going into your families in Jesus name.

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