Get In My Movement For Times Have Changed

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: July 5, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “What has been stalled out is beginning to start moving, and I say, watch the movement this week, for things have not been moving will move. And what had the hands of My clock stuck, I say, I have now blown down from heaven and caused the hands of the clock that was stalled out to start moving. Hear the ticking of My time.”

Keith Pierce – This morning, I looked on my dresser, and I had five watches, and all five watches, the batteries were out in them. And I said, “Lord, what has happened?” And He said, “You have lost track of time, so today is the day that My grace will increase the time and placement of My presence.” He said, “Look and see, and see the watch that I’ve asked you to put on, because the watch that I’ve asked you to put on will represent Me this week.” And so, Isaac and Celestine had bought me a watch with the Tasmanian Devil on it. It was the only one that kept time. And I put it on this morning, and He said, “Face your enemies in My time and in My place, and face them with the whirlwind in the ground. As you begin to move, let the movement of your sound make a wave that the enemy will flee in seven different directions and leave the booty at the door.”

Chuck Pierce – When Israel gets up, every day, they know they have to go to war. Let me tell you something. We have got to shift our mindset. We have to know things are changing around us, things are rearranged around us, being rearranged around us. There are interjections coming into your life. You know what that means? Exclamation points all of a sudden are gonna show up in your daily life and you’re gonna have to determine how to move with that exclamation point. I say, the announcement of heaven is saying today to us, “Times have changed. Get in the movement that I choose for you.”

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