A Movement From Double Mindedness to a Double Portion

Voices: Jane Arenas, LeAnn Squier, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: July 29, 2018

  • Jane Arenas

I heard the Lord saying today while they were praying for the people to be healed that He’s also healing minds. And healing minds, the fragmentation’s of lies that have been going and the Lord’s saying “I’m healing that!”. And I had a dream this past week where we were all under the ocean. Just completely under and we were deep and we were swimming around and I was remembering I was swimming around looking at these different groups in this ocean and I saw this group standing upright, standing tall under the ocean and they were just playing a game. And I wanted to sit and see what they were doing and I laid down next to them. And then suddenly Chuck comes over and he leans over and he says “You know, “you’re part of this, you’re part of this” and suddenly I realized, in this dream, that they’re just like me. There’s people who feel like they are not a part of what is happening here. And they go home and they keep doing the same old things because they say “I just don’t have a place. “I just don’t have a place.”. That is a lie from the enemy! The Lord is saying “You have a part in this change! “You have a part in this movement! “Get in the movement, you have a place, you have a place!”.

  • Robyn Vincent

I just wanna release this word. I heard that coming out of Simon that the Lord said that He was immersing us. He was immersing us to drown out the double mindedness. He said today the double mindedness will be drowned out of you. He said when you leave this place you’re leaving in a place of the spirit where you are submerged now, and nothing else will matter.

  • Leann Squier

And I would like to add to that. For the double mindedness God’s going to give you the double portion and you’re going to start to understand and unlock the double. Because He has a double. He has a double and so Lord we thank you, You’re breaking open the double portion.

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