Get on Board With God’s Report

Voices: Pam Pierce
Date Given: April 4, 2021

Pam Pierce – You know, in December of 2019, I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. And quite frankly, it made me really mad. And then it got me really depressed. And I walked through several months, actually up and down up and down, battling depression and resentment and why me? And because it changes everything, changes the way you live. Those of you who are in the same boat, know what I’m talking about. So I went to see my doctor, this past summer and I told him about my struggles. And he said, now, keep in mind, this man’s a believer and we’ve known him for years. He said, “Pam, you need to thank God that you were diagnosed with type two diabetes. Because if you had not, you would have kept on walking on the same treadmill of ill health that you’ve been on for years.” He said, “this was your wake up call and what the enemy meant for evil. God is turning to good.” So I want to encourage you whatever report you’re getting from the enemy. God is going to turn it to good but you have to get on board.

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