Get Ready to Secure Your Boundaries This Year

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: January 3, 2020

– [Brian Kooiman] Speaking in Tongues

[Chuck Pierce] I say to you, I have new fields in my hands. And in the midst of those fields, there’s a harvest that I am planting. I say to you, get ready and secure your boundaries as you enter this year. For My boundaries are being established. I say, go beyond your boundaries and see My boundaries. For I say, this is a time that I will cause all that is within your boundaries to be harvested in a new way. So I say to you, know that it is My day to harvest while the sun is still shining. And I have workers that are willing to work. So I say to you, know your boundaries as you go forth for it is that field that I will harvest along with you.

[Keevy Phillips] – For the Lord says, now this is the day of Abraham. As far as your eye can see on the top of the mountain I shall give to you, says the Spirit of the Lord. Know that this day, if you are willing to climb the mountain, and give your best to the Lord, like it unto your Father Abraham, I shall save your nation, says the Spirit of the Lord. For the Lord says, even now specifically to America, the only way you will win this battle is to worship. The Lord says you need to go up to the highest peaks of the mountains physically in this land, but not only physically, but the highest peaks in your life, individually, says the Lord. And from there, worship. Worship in different languages, worship in different tongues, this is how we will win the war at hand. For the Lord says, you are fighting for the Abrahamic blessing that I have given to you. But victory is already there, if you will do like your Father Abraham. Climb that mountain, for there is a ram in the bush, says the Lord. There is a sound already there in the bush, says the Lord. There is already provision in the bush, says the Lord. Climb, ascend, in worship and I will ascend in war, with wealth, with prosperity, and with harvest. With war, with wealth, with prosperity and harvest. You shall descend from that mountain and a billon soul harvest will just be the beginning, says the Lord, in this nation. Know this day, from the highest height, from the depths of the depth, I shall save and save again, says the Spirit of the Lord. Climb the mountain like Father Abraham and I will be the God like Abraham. I will be God just like I was to Abraham. To you and your descendants, says the Lord.

[Chuck Pierce] Put your hand on somebody and say, “New strength for the climb.” God says to Alaska, “Go up the mountain.” He says to Colorado, “Go up the mountain.” He says to Oregon, “Go up the mountain.” He says to North Carolina, “Go up the mountain.” He says to Tennessee, “Go up the mountain.” The Lord says, “This is a day of finding your high place. Go up, it is in that high place that I have new provision. Go up, take that high place and the provision of what it has held captive will come to you.”

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