Gideon’s Army Is Rising up 100 Fold

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Joan Swallow
Date Given: January 1, 2023

Joan Swallow – You give what God wants you to give. The Lord told me to give and I don’t like to say what I’m gonna give but I’m gonna tell you ’cause I’m a widow. He told me to give $3,000.

Chuck Pierce – Oh my God. Look what I just wrote. I just wrote it. We’re giving something for all of you out there right now. The Lord spoke so clearly up here, $3,000. He said, “I am going to raise up Gideon’s army a hundred fold.” He says, “This year you watch me.” That’s why he said 300, 3,000. He said, “I’m going to raise up Gideon’s army a hundred fold. You give the first tenfold and watch me multiply it 30, 60 and a hundred.” Lord, I say, “This is going to mobilize all of us in a whole new way.” Thank God for the mother hearing first and going forth.

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